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AGADIR – La Brasserie

Had a smashing meal with some friends yesterday lunchtime. I didn’t take my camera, so heres a link to pics on the internet

its just on the Corniche, close to Club Med.

Classic French cuisine, I had confit of duck and it was delicious, as was the White Lady (vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce and chantilly cream).

Nice atmosphere, good English spoken by the waitress, personal service by the manager, 200 dhs a head for two courses with drinks.

Red and black decor, pleasant outdoor seating area, in fact it was so comfortable two friends left with details of the shop where they bought the chairs.

Only downside was that I wanted Moules et Frites which I’d heard a lot about, but much of the fish menu wasn’t available, the Manager said they have more fish in the weekdays when it is fresh.

Will certainly visit again, and will have the moules et frites.



Well, to be accurate its from the rooftop two doors down.  I had the idea, took the steps upstairs to my terrace, put them on the ledge,  climbed to the top step……and bottled climbing over the parapet onto the roof!  Then I remembered my neighbours roof terrace.

The Mosque (pronounced mos-key) you see in the foreground was being built when I first arrived here to live.  One day walking to the shops I was horrified to see them painting the Minaret with one painter dangling down out of the top window, while another man inside held onto his ankles. 

I have a useless sense of direction, but I think thats looking south, the sea is across town to the right-hand side of the picture.

A friend found an old map of Agadir from 1978.  I think its fair to say that the whole picture would have been empty.  My, Agadir, how you’ve grown.

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My project at the moment is to cover a rather ugly tall wall with climbers.  I have a passion flower


which I grew from seed bought when I last visited my best friend in Florida.

I have bouganvillia


And the ‘fleur rose’ (see last week’s entry) now identified as Podranea or Pink Trumpet Vine.


I also have a jasmine in there somewhere.

But there are a lot of bald pieces of wall, so I have been out there tottering on a ladder pulling, twirling, knotting string and generally knitting bits of plant around each other to try and persuade them into the gaps. 


Hopefully by next month, the string won’t show and I’ll be able to post a picture of a pretty wall!

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Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?


As most of my visitors talk to the animals first, then ask after me, I thought it might be an idea to do a little update now and then from the important members of this household.

This week has been a week of Vet visits, but thankfully scheduled ones, not emergencies.

Firstly at about 8 months old it was Maya’s time to be sterilised, She had her op Saturday and I expected her to be really subdued and sorry for herself, as Tara was, but it seems shes made of sterner stuff. She marched out of the Vets and although she has slept a lot, otherwise shes been pretty much as normal. The Vet took her dressing off this morning, Tuesday, and was pleased with the wound. We have to stroll down there at 6 o’clock for him to put some antiseptic spray on it – its silver so she’ll look like David Bowie! She has a ‘lampshade’ but I’d rather keep my eye on her and stop her pulling out the stitches.

The reason for his visit today was to vaccinate Tara and the cats. He is very kind, and makes a house call. Toby and Junior were very co-operative by sleeping in ‘their’ bedrooms. Lulu of course was a different matter, she must be telepathic, shes never once allowed herself to be caught on vaccination day and normally evades me for several days afterwards. She always knows what time the Vet is closed so its safe to come in.

Tara was of course terrified as soon as she saw Mohammed and she hid under the table and had to be coaxed out. She is such a wuss.

People who actually know me, know that we give some food to two dogs in the park. They are Tara lookalikes. One, Betsy, has just had pups, 7, unfortunately five died and a German man took one home as a pet, and the other seems to be doing OK. Here he/she is being introduced to Tara.

2014-04-14 08.59.56

The other dog, Sissy, is about to give birth too. Watch this space.


When Tara, my first dog, was a pup we used to walk in the local park, quite often bumping into a lady who had five dogs. As Tara got bigger, we started to walk further afield, firstly to give her more of a run, but also because the local park is full of the African ‘disease’ – litter – and the other park is much nicer.

Just recently we’ve been cutting across the edge of the local park on our way, but Tara has taken against one of this lady’s dogs (which was a tiny pup but is now a huge beast) and if she sees them in the distance, she simply plonks herself down and refuses to go on. So for an easy life, I’ve just been turning around and going a different way.

This morning, my neighbour stopped her car and asked if I was ok, and I explained about Tara’s sudden aversion to Chico and she was so relieved, she said she had seen me turn around and walk away from her several times, and she wondered what she had done to offend me.

It made me wonder how many other times in our life we unwittingly do something that is misunderstood, and are never given the chance to explain.

Has it happened to you?


Here is a photo of a pink flower.  I know this for a fact, because after seeing it all over Agadir gardens, asking anyone I knew the name without success and fruitlessly searching my Sister-in-law’s gardening books, I broke a piece off and took it to the garden centre, selected a plant, confirmed with the assistant it was indeed the same plant, I bought it and finally asked its name.  The assistant nodded sagely and said ‘la fleur rose’  The Pink Flower.  So there you have it.  If anyone knows what its called, I’d love to hear from you!


I had it in a large pot on the terrace to start with and while it had loads of flowers it needed cutting back every winter, so about 18 months ago I moved it to my front garden.  The foliage has thrived and it now covers the tall wall, although sadly it has had no flowers..  Until this morning, walking down the road I see a beautiful cascade of flowers from my plant.  Only trouble is, its on a bit that has grown down the other side of the wall into my neighbour’s garden!

Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?


The first flower in MY garden!




Agadir Beach has changed enormously in the years I’ve been visiting, it used to be all sand dunes and camels.  Its still beautiful, particularly at the southern end which is where this photo is, but its different.  Lots of cafes, restaurants, sunbeds and a beautiful long corniche (promenade to us Brits).

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