AGADIR – La Brasserie

Had a smashing meal with some friends yesterday lunchtime. I didn’t take my camera, so heres a link to pics on the internet

its just on the Corniche, close to Club Med.

Classic French cuisine, I had confit of duck and it was delicious, as was the White Lady (vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce and chantilly cream).

Nice atmosphere, good English spoken by the waitress, personal service by the manager, 200 dhs a head for two courses with drinks.

Red and black decor, pleasant outdoor seating area, in fact it was so comfortable two friends left with details of the shop where they bought the chairs.

Only downside was that I wanted Moules et Frites which I’d heard a lot about, but much of the fish menu wasn’t available, the Manager said they have more fish in the weekdays when it is fresh.

Will certainly visit again, and will have the moules et frites.

2 thoughts on “AGADIR – La Brasserie

  1. Terry

    Hi Sis, What a lovely blog. Its great to see the things you have been up to. Its a great way to keep in touch and to have an insight into each others daily lives. Keep it going.


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