The story so far….

For 18 months my dogs have played in the park daily with two gorgeous young street dogs who lived there. Six months ago they ate poison and almost died (the Local Authority’s way of controlling the number of strays here in Morocco is to put down poison). The Hobo’s managed to save them, and I and a friend started to feed them daily. Betsy had puppies recently, five died, and two were taken as pets by people visiting the park. Then Sissy had 8 puppies. Last week sadly both grown dogs were again poisoned, and this time died. So we were left with 8 three week old puppies. We started to feed them in the park, but then two disappeared and the Gardener said two young boys took them. At three weeks old and with no special knowledge, we felt sure the two babies would be dead by midnight. My friend decided to take the other six to her house to look after for a few weeks to get them stronger, and then we would return them to the park while also trying to rehome them to Moroccan families. We both feel strongly that the only way to change attitudes to animals is to get them into the community as pets. It is true that some people here hate dogs and some are very frightened of them, however, it is also true that there are many many Moroccans who are very kind to animals and tend to buy their puppies from puppy farms. We’d like to encourage them to take ‘Beldi’ (native) dogs.

So today, after their foster mum had had a few days of hard work feeding and cleaning up after six puppies, we take our dogs to the park this morning, and there are the two missing puppies! Someone had returned them to the same place they were taken from, and in good health. So my friend takes the other two home….

Here they are



So today we have been bathing, combing, defleaing, feeding, and cuddling all 8 pups.

Then we got the most amazing news, another friend has been talking to acquaintances and she has found a lady who lives in the Mountain who is interested in taking three pups. This is the most fantastic news, and gives us hope for good homes so we have decided between us to keep them until they are 8 weeks old. Hopefully we will have been able to rehome all, or most by then, and it will not be necessary to put them back in the park at all.

Another friend has started


She has given her time, her skill and all the materials free of charge to produce and sell fabulous stickers like these

This is about Paws for Puppies

“These poor puppies have been left to starve on the streets of Agadir after their mum, Sissy, was cruelly poisoned! They are currently in the arms of a foster mummy but lets help get them fed, vetted and neutered.

By buying a Paw for a Puppy sticker/decal you can contribute 100% to the pups – you can buy as many as you want – for as much as you want! They will be sent to you with free p&p and much love and kisses from me a woofs from the pups. There are no admin fees, no handling fees, no nothing fees … all the money goes to the puppies … ♥ … xox”

She has had orders from lovely people, giving us enough money to feed the pups for the next couple of weeks. Thank you all so much for making this even possible.

Its early days yet, the pups are very young and anything might happen to them, but please be aware that any money we raise will go towards the pups care, or if there is any left over, to the Agadir Association Le Coeur Sur La Patte – see their website


Watch this space …

6 thoughts on “PUPPIES REUNITED

  1. Terry

    What a wonderful story. Still a long way to go of course, but with the effort you girls are putting in, the pups have a great chance of a good life.
    Have you ever thought of starting a local organization similar to the RSPCA to bring awareness of the plight of animals to the wider community?

    1. ChristinaMaroc Post author

      there is a local Association who are making great strides in terms of sterilising street animals, but they haven’t been doing as much with local adoptions. If this works out ok, without too many tears, I might try to do some work with them. I said to Sue, my brother will laugh when he reads I’m going to have puppies at my house – you knew I would…xx


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