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This week is all about planning … I’m away next week, so I don’t want to start planting new things until afterwards but the fingers are twitching to get on!

I’ve only a small garden and two dogs to accommodate and one of my borders have plants that are just too darn big now.  So the first job will be to dig up the two huge cactus plants either side of the calla lilies.  All three of these plants were given to me as tiny ones from our local Hobo and as you will see they have thrived!  But now the dogs can’t pee and poo without danger of serious ‘piercings’ and its time to open up that side of the garden.  Firstly I will offer them to friends (any takers?) or one of the local caretakers has formed a communal planting area around his security hut, so I’m sure they will find a new home. 


I already have some tiny replacement plants (from the same source bless him) which are currently in the other side of the garden border, but need moving as I want plants that flower on that side of the garden and need to water it everyday, which will kill the cactus ones. 


Unfortunately dog number two has a taste for digging so I need a barracade and I thought pots would be a pretty way to achieve it.  So a trip to the local garden shop will be on the cards when I return for hopefully marigolds, daisies and geramiums.  I say hopefully because, as with any shopping here, its often a compromise between what you want, and whats available.  Its probably the thing I find most difficult about living in Morocco, not having a choice of shops!

The creeper wall is filling out nicely and I hope will be covered by the time I get home too.

So there is my plan.

Watch this space…..

Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?


It struck me the other day how small my world has become since owning two hounds.  Before I had them, I’d walk around town or along the beach every day, not only for the exercise, but to be amongst people. 


Now, I go to the park.  Every morning.  I walk, they run, play, sniff, explore, then they run some more.   Sometimes I am out two hours, sometimes longer,  depending on what the rest of the day has in store.


Sometimes I sit, like yesterday, and just be.  Everyone needs time to be calm and the park is that place for me, I love our time there, and so do the dogs!


Often, after a long walk, I don’t feel like going out again if I don’t have any chores or engagements, and I realised yesterday that yes, my world has got smaller, but also richer.  I am very fortunate.

Where do you go to just be?

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Toby Cat is very happy




After 7 years of his slave (me) trying to persuade him that Whiskas biscuits put into a jar are treats, Agadir have finally started to sell real cats treats.

He is over the moon and no longer solely relying on treat parcels from friends in the UK!

In other pet news, this week I thought we’d lost Junior Cat.  He’d been fighting (theres a new ginger tom in ‘his’ square) and he had a wound on his head, then he disappeared for a couple of days.  I know other cats do this regularly, but mine don’t, so I was worried.  Eventually after much searching I got a responding little miaow from under a neighbours plant.  I climbed their garden wall, hiked him out from under the bush, put him on the path….and he promptly scarpered, right as rain!  Took him another few hours to come in, and another couple of days to settle, but hes been snoozing in his bed on the garden bench this morning, and later in ‘his’ bedroom.


Maya had her stitches out after being spayed (or ‘dressed’ for my Scottish friends) you’d never believe she’d had an op. except she seems unable to hold her bladder as well as before and keeps peeing in the house.  Looked it up on the internet (what did we do before google?) and it appears its quite common, fingers crossed it sorts itself out soon, in the meantime thank goodness for ceramic tiles and a mop.

She finally seems to be ‘getting it’ with her training lead.  Not exactly walking to heel, but not pulling my arm out of its socket either.  Hopefully she’ll soon be walking as well as Tara.

Sissy one of the park dogs has had 9 pups, 7 surviving so far…a mix of black ones and brown.

The other street dog, Betsy, had one surviving pup which has disappeared this week…..she was a very healthy puppy, so thankfully it looks like shes found a home.  I’m not surprised, she was beautiful (see below).

Theres a perception, particularly with Europeans here, that Moroccans hate dogs, and while its undoubtedly true of some, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how many Moroccan people adore their pets.  It’s hard to walk down the road with Maya without someone wanting to stroke her.



When I was planning on moving to Morocco my fav niece asked me what sort of garden I wanted. I had no idea except I wanted a lemon tree. When I arrived late on the ‘first night of the rest of my life’ after I’d quit my job, sold my home, and given most of the contents away, the flight had been delayed four hours, there was a last minute panic about whether the cats were going to get put on the plane because of a cock up, and then the relief standing in passport control close to midnight watching them going around and around in the distance on the luggage carousel – there in my garden was a young lemon tree. My niece had sent over the money to a friend, who had bought and had it planted.

Here it is now, eight years later, a super healthy looking tree. Its only ever had one lemon, but hey, who cares! In the background you’ll also see the first blooms of a lovely pink climbing rose, which she also bought for me to remind me of home.


And now to my latest present, a gift this morning from my lovely French neighbours. A lily of the valley stem and root which was gift wrapped, a present for Labour Day, which I guess must be celebrated more in France than the UK. I hiked out an old overgrown plant, and popped it in a pot straight away.


I have several other plants that were ‘gifts’ in my garden, from the local hobo, who I guess watches people planting out a new garden, and thinks they won’t miss the odd tiny plant, and brings it to me as a present……but thats a story for another week!

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Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?