This is Ahmed who we see walking his dog Rosa in the park.  Sue told him about the pups (he knew Betsy and Sissy), and asked him if he would know anyone wanting a puppy ‘Oui, Moi!’ he said, and today he met and instantly fell in love with Baby.  He is taking her in two weeks, inshallah, when she is eating proper ‘solids’.  Both of us shed a tear when he had left as he is clearly an experienced and loving dog owner and Baby’s life will be everything we had hoped for her.  Rosa is beautifully behaved and ‘high fives’ Ahmed and kisses his cheek.  They adore each other, and you will see from the blissful look on Baby’s face that shes very content to be joining this family.


    1. ChristinaMaroc Post author

      Thank you, we also have promise of home for any three from a Moroccan couple in the mountains. The dogs will be left
      ‘free range’ and therefore live the life most closely akin to their mum and her sister, except there will be kindness, shelter and food provided. So just three more to go, and they aren’t even on ‘solid’ food yet!


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