Delighted that a great couple have agreed to take Sox into their family at the end of June.  Inshallah.

Sox has always thought herself a house dog, managing to breach any barriers we  tried to put up to keep them on the terrace! and now her wish will come true.

She will have a bigger dog for company and we know she will have a happy life in Marrakesh. 




Watch this space for news on the other pups.

You can read all the history by clicking on ‘Animals’ at the top of the page.

If you have been touched by their story, please consider buying some stickers and contributing to their food, and possibly towards their vaccinations – details here


  1. ChristinaMaroc Post author

    Its lovely to watch David, an absolute delight.

    Baby has got much more independant today, yesterday she wouldn’t leave me alone, today she left the others on my knee and went off to sleep in the bed on her own.

    Brows LOVES and I mean loves toys. She takes them all and hides them in the bed.

    Blacky is the sweetest little angel; just like his mum; Just found him asleep outside in Tara’s cupboard in the garden!


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