In addition to the food and puppy milk you amazing people bought for the pup’s first two weeks with us, you have placed orders/donated another £95!

This will pretty much pay for the food for the next two weeks, weeks 6 and 7 of their lives.  Hopefully some will be leaving us by then!

Sue and I cannot thank you enough.  And CardsbyDaisyBoo for starting this whole project.

I know Daisy has some other items she is working on to auction.  We would love to be able to pay for the initial vaccinations for a few of the puppies.  At £16 each (pups need two the first year) its sounds cheap to us foreigners, but thats 2 full days wages for an average Moroccan, so if anyone wants to order some stickers, it will help so much.  Head over to

Chose your wares and send a message with your order.  If you have already donated, or just want to help a little, please reblog.



Makes my day when someone takes time to comment. Thank you.

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