5 Relationship Tips as Explained by My Cat

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Gone Catawampus

Cat and Mouse Pad Cat and Mouse Pad

1. Little Things Show You Care

Whether you are building a relationship with your mate or human, it is important to never take your significant other for granted. Make sure to give them plenty of headbutts and love nips and to purr excessively. Humans cannot hunt for themselves so bring in a bird, mouse, or insect as a treat. Climb all over them as they sleep so you can find that perfect spot. If you fall asleep on their lap, they won’t move for hours so they must be comfortable! When they do try to move, protest. They don’t get enough time for naps. Insist that they remain still (You have to think of their well-being!).

2. Allow for Personal Time

It important to trust your human. Sometimes you need to give them a full 10 seconds before you try to follow them into…

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