TWO PUPPIES HAVE HAD THEIR FIRST VACCINATIONS, Sox and Baby Veera.  Thanks to you lovely people.  Two more booked for tomorrow, hopefully all by the end of the week.  Sue Burch and I want to thank you all so much, particularly Daisy Boo, without whom, none of this would have been possible. 

What with monies received, and monies promised, we should have enough to give all pups their first half of their vaccinations and feed them next week.  Posters have gone up in a few vets, shops, pet shop etc, and door to door leafleting will start at the weekend.  Fingers crossed they all find homes quickly.

Now, whats left?  You tell us….

We have exceeded our expectations for the pups.  We are more than happy to thank you all and leave it right there. 

Of course there is always more we could do, for example some of the new owners will be more affluent than others and will contribute towards the vaccinations, but if I can say, the more ‘working class’ Moroccan families could do with help with their second batch of injections, due in one month.  There are three dogs going to a family in the mountains, Ruff, Tumble and Menace, they are a bonded group and we think will thrive as free spirits like their mum Sissy (and her sister Betsy) except they will also have food shelter and a family to look after them.  With two males and one female, it would be great (but in no way essential) to put any extra funds towards Ruff’s sterilisation.

So, Daisy has been working away at an idea for having a live auction on Friday of some Paws for Puppies canvas bags, should she continue, or call it a day, or just put them up for sale?

Let us know what you think…

And once again thank you, you big hearted group of friends.


  1. Marion

    Bags for life with various paw stickers on would be cool also can vas bags with pics of each of the pups if that’s possible!? Thanks for all your all your time and effort ://


Makes my day when someone takes time to comment. Thank you.

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