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TWO PUPPIES HAVE HAD THEIR FIRST VACCINATIONS, Sox and Baby Veera.  Thanks to you lovely people.  Two more booked for tomorrow, hopefully all by the end of the week.  Sue Burch and I want to thank you all so much, particularly Daisy Boo, without whom, none of this would have been possible. 

What with monies received, and monies promised, we should have enough to give all pups their first half of their vaccinations and feed them next week.  Posters have gone up in a few vets, shops, pet shop etc, and door to door leafleting will start at the weekend.  Fingers crossed they all find homes quickly.

Now, whats left?  You tell us….

We have exceeded our expectations for the pups.  We are more than happy to thank you all and leave it right there. 

Of course there is always more we could do, for example some of the new owners will be more affluent than others and will contribute towards the vaccinations, but if I can say, the more ‘working class’ Moroccan families could do with help with their second batch of injections, due in one month.  There are three dogs going to a family in the mountains, Ruff, Tumble and Menace, they are a bonded group and we think will thrive as free spirits like their mum Sissy (and her sister Betsy) except they will also have food shelter and a family to look after them.  With two males and one female, it would be great (but in no way essential) to put any extra funds towards Ruff’s sterilisation.

So, Daisy has been working away at an idea for having a live auction on Friday of some Paws for Puppies canvas bags, should she continue, or call it a day, or just put them up for sale?

Let us know what you think…

And once again thank you, you big hearted group of friends.



The only little boy left for adoption, ‘Blackie’ is adorable and is going to be just as loyal and good natured as his mum.  He is a good eater and as soon as he has finished his dinner he keels over into a deep sleep.  Then when refreshed he loves a cuddle and a game.  He is a very clever little dog, he already knows to pee pee on the paper – not around the house. 


A little girl ‘Brows’ is full of fun.  She is always stealing the toys from my dogs and hides them in the sleeping cupboard.  Brows is eating well and has started to crunch croquettes in the last couple of days, so it will soon be time to rehome her. The only opportunity I have to take a photo is when shes asleep as she is usually moving too fast!

The final pup, ‘Dennis’ is a little behind the others in development so will be ready later.

Anyone in Agadir interested in taking a pup please contact me.

5 Relationship Tips as Explained by My Cat

love this

Gone Catawampus

Cat and Mouse Pad Cat and Mouse Pad

1. Little Things Show You Care

Whether you are building a relationship with your mate or human, it is important to never take your significant other for granted. Make sure to give them plenty of headbutts and love nips and to purr excessively. Humans cannot hunt for themselves so bring in a bird, mouse, or insect as a treat. Climb all over them as they sleep so you can find that perfect spot. If you fall asleep on their lap, they won’t move for hours so they must be comfortable! When they do try to move, protest. They don’t get enough time for naps. Insist that they remain still (You have to think of their well-being!).

2. Allow for Personal Time

It important to trust your human. Sometimes you need to give them a full 10 seconds before you try to follow them into…

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In addition to the food and puppy milk you amazing people bought for the pup’s first two weeks with us, you have placed orders/donated another £95!

This will pretty much pay for the food for the next two weeks, weeks 6 and 7 of their lives.  Hopefully some will be leaving us by then!

Sue and I cannot thank you enough.  And CardsbyDaisyBoo for starting this whole project.

I know Daisy has some other items she is working on to auction.  We would love to be able to pay for the initial vaccinations for a few of the puppies.  At £16 each (pups need two the first year) its sounds cheap to us foreigners, but thats 2 full days wages for an average Moroccan, so if anyone wants to order some stickers, it will help so much.  Head over to

Chose your wares and send a message with your order.  If you have already donated, or just want to help a little, please reblog.





This is Ahmed who we see walking his dog Rosa in the park.  Sue told him about the pups (he knew Betsy and Sissy), and asked him if he would know anyone wanting a puppy ‘Oui, Moi!’ he said, and today he met and instantly fell in love with Baby.  He is taking her in two weeks, inshallah, when she is eating proper ‘solids’.  Both of us shed a tear when he had left as he is clearly an experienced and loving dog owner and Baby’s life will be everything we had hoped for her.  Rosa is beautifully behaved and ‘high fives’ Ahmed and kisses his cheek.  They adore each other, and you will see from the blissful look on Baby’s face that shes very content to be joining this family.


Delighted that a great couple have agreed to take Sox into their family at the end of June.  Inshallah.

Sox has always thought herself a house dog, managing to breach any barriers we  tried to put up to keep them on the terrace! and now her wish will come true.

She will have a bigger dog for company and we know she will have a happy life in Marrakesh. 




Watch this space for news on the other pups.

You can read all the history by clicking on ‘Animals’ at the top of the page.

If you have been touched by their story, please consider buying some stickers and contributing to their food, and possibly towards their vaccinations – details here