Blog redesigned!

Well its on its way!  Two sets of paying guests so far and two booked next week.

Over the next few weeks I will be updating and improving the blog, in particular the Agadir section with info and photos .

Also planning to include our walks in the Atlas mountain foothills.  There are so many great trails, none of them marked or advertised. Today we made it to the Hot springs, unfortunately neither of our trackers worked so we aren’t sure how far we walked, but judging by my feet and two tired dogs – quite a way….It took 4 hours anyhow…..Look forward to sharing the photos with you.

4 thoughts on “Blog redesigned!

    1. ChristinaMaroc Post author

      I am certainly not moving for the rest of the day Judi! We would like to plot and publish some of the routes so people can follow them. Its taken us 9 years to find them! I will let Martin be tour guide, I turn round twice and forget which way I’m going….

  1. Terry

    Hi Tina, Its great to hear that things are moving on the lettings front for you. Im looking forward to reading about your exploits and adventures.
    I really must update my blog. I seem to be working on my projects and when Im done, Im too shattered to write about them.


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