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The only little boy left for adoption, ‘Blackie’ is adorable and is going to be just as loyal and good natured as his mum.  He is a good eater and as soon as he has finished his dinner he keels over into a deep sleep.  Then when refreshed he loves a cuddle and a game.  He is a very clever little dog, he already knows to pee pee on the paper – not around the house. 


A little girl ‘Brows’ is full of fun.  She is always stealing the toys from my dogs and hides them in the sleeping cupboard.  Brows is eating well and has started to crunch croquettes in the last couple of days, so it will soon be time to rehome her. The only opportunity I have to take a photo is when shes asleep as she is usually moving too fast!

The final pup, ‘Dennis’ is a little behind the others in development so will be ready later.

Anyone in Agadir interested in taking a pup please contact me.



This is Ahmed who we see walking his dog Rosa in the park.  Sue told him about the pups (he knew Betsy and Sissy), and asked him if he would know anyone wanting a puppy ‘Oui, Moi!’ he said, and today he met and instantly fell in love with Baby.  He is taking her in two weeks, inshallah, when she is eating proper ‘solids’.  Both of us shed a tear when he had left as he is clearly an experienced and loving dog owner and Baby’s life will be everything we had hoped for her.  Rosa is beautifully behaved and ‘high fives’ Ahmed and kisses his cheek.  They adore each other, and you will see from the blissful look on Baby’s face that shes very content to be joining this family.



Six full contented puppies.  I cannot believe how quickly they have perked up in four days.  They have now started to play and are much more alert.

Thanks to the generosity of friends we now have supplies for a couple more weeks’ food and special puppy milk.  Their foster mum mixes them together to make a sort of gruel which they lap up, walk through, splatter and generally make a mess with!

Agadir readers – they will be big enough to rehome in five or six weeks (Inshallah) so please talk to your friends, neighbours and acquaintances, anyone who might know someone who wants a dog!