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Here are the puppies, Ruff, Tumble and Menace, on their way to be delivered to their new home in the mountains.  Just look at the terrain where they will be able to run and play to their hearts’ content.


They are now with their new Moroccan family, who call them “my beautiful dogs”, where there are three children, the eldest daughter is training to be a vet.  Perfect.



And what a lucky girl she is.

Chloe and her partner also kindly gave 400 dhs towards Sox’s upbringing….we have enough funds now, so she was happy for us to pass on in aid of Makroute, the mule abandoned on the highway in Agadir to die. Read the story here


The family who yesterday adopted Blackie called back today for Brows (now called Rose).  They were delighted to be reunited and we left them playing together in the garden.  The daughters of the family are completely in love with them already.  Two very lucky dogs.



The puppies are now ready for rehoming….now we enter the next phase, finding homes for the final three, Brows, Blackie and Dennis.  No one knows how hard or how easy this will be, so its just try it and see….we will keep you informed!

So its now the final weekend of fund raising with Daisy Boo’s Paws for Puppies bag sale!  She will be posting photos of samples and asking for bids.  You can also request personalised designs.

I have had to arm wrestle her to accept reimbursement for  her purchase of the blank bags, and insist she takes out the money she spends on postage.

So now its drawing to a close, its time to say thank you to many, I hope I don’t miss anyone….

Firstly to Sue Burch whose first words “I’ll just take the puppies home for the weekend” started this whole adventure.  There is no doubt in my mind without her unstinting care 24 hours a day they would not have survived.

Then there’s Kareen Ouhennou and Susan Sharp whose networking quickly found a home for three puppies.  This gave us hope that maybe we could manage to find homes for them all, and not resort to putting the pups back in the park, which was the original plan. 

Then came Daisy Boo with her Paws for Puppies plan.  She has given all her time, her materials, her expertise and her money unstintingly.  She also saved Sue and I from bankruptcy! Thank you.

Also to friends here who carted around puppy food, crates, puppies and us.

Our super Vet Dr Mohamed Zeouine Meskani and Assistant Hassan, who certainly saved Dennis’s life and has given us advice, encouragement and support throughout.

And our friends and benefactors near and far who have allowed us to not only feed the little puppies but to also worm, treat for fleas and pay for the first half of their vaccinations.  Your interest and kindness has filled our hearts.

Finally, to the Agadirian gentleman (who wishes to remain anonymous) who has agreed to fund the second half of their vaccinations.  Thank you.  This means whatever money is raised this final weekend can go towards sterilisations, which of course helps solve the long term problem far better than poisoning.

Thank you for helping The Agadir 8.  Sissy would be proud.



TWO PUPPIES HAVE HAD THEIR FIRST VACCINATIONS, Sox and Baby Veera.  Thanks to you lovely people.  Two more booked for tomorrow, hopefully all by the end of the week.  Sue Burch and I want to thank you all so much, particularly Daisy Boo, without whom, none of this would have been possible. 

What with monies received, and monies promised, we should have enough to give all pups their first half of their vaccinations and feed them next week.  Posters have gone up in a few vets, shops, pet shop etc, and door to door leafleting will start at the weekend.  Fingers crossed they all find homes quickly.

Now, whats left?  You tell us….

We have exceeded our expectations for the pups.  We are more than happy to thank you all and leave it right there. 

Of course there is always more we could do, for example some of the new owners will be more affluent than others and will contribute towards the vaccinations, but if I can say, the more ‘working class’ Moroccan families could do with help with their second batch of injections, due in one month.  There are three dogs going to a family in the mountains, Ruff, Tumble and Menace, they are a bonded group and we think will thrive as free spirits like their mum Sissy (and her sister Betsy) except they will also have food shelter and a family to look after them.  With two males and one female, it would be great (but in no way essential) to put any extra funds towards Ruff’s sterilisation.

So, Daisy has been working away at an idea for having a live auction on Friday of some Paws for Puppies canvas bags, should she continue, or call it a day, or just put them up for sale?

Let us know what you think…

And once again thank you, you big hearted group of friends.



The only little boy left for adoption, ‘Blackie’ is adorable and is going to be just as loyal and good natured as his mum.  He is a good eater and as soon as he has finished his dinner he keels over into a deep sleep.  Then when refreshed he loves a cuddle and a game.  He is a very clever little dog, he already knows to pee pee on the paper – not around the house. 


A little girl ‘Brows’ is full of fun.  She is always stealing the toys from my dogs and hides them in the sleeping cupboard.  Brows is eating well and has started to crunch croquettes in the last couple of days, so it will soon be time to rehome her. The only opportunity I have to take a photo is when shes asleep as she is usually moving too fast!

The final pup, ‘Dennis’ is a little behind the others in development so will be ready later.

Anyone in Agadir interested in taking a pup please contact me.