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It struck me the other day how small my world has become since owning two hounds.  Before I had them, I’d walk around town or along the beach every day, not only for the exercise, but to be amongst people. 


Now, I go to the park.  Every morning.  I walk, they run, play, sniff, explore, then they run some more.   Sometimes I am out two hours, sometimes longer,  depending on what the rest of the day has in store.


Sometimes I sit, like yesterday, and just be.  Everyone needs time to be calm and the park is that place for me, I love our time there, and so do the dogs!


Often, after a long walk, I don’t feel like going out again if I don’t have any chores or engagements, and I realised yesterday that yes, my world has got smaller, but also richer.  I am very fortunate.

Where do you go to just be?

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