Unashamedly touristy the ‘train’ takes a tour of downtown Agadir every
20 minutes Go look at the posh hotels and take in the views. 18 dhs.
Train stop opposite the beach outside the Valley of the Birds.

A free attraction, a small town zoo. Runs between the beach and Blvd. Mohammed V, a pleasant way to break up the walk up to town.

Our big wheel.  It operates in the evening where the view over the town as it lights up is stunning!
Its 40 dhs for adults, 20 dhs for kids.

On the Corniche roughly outside McDonalds is a stretch of beach beds at25 dhs a day, the guys will get you drinks and food from the restaurants if you like. If you want to know about Nightclubs these guys will know just where to go, not an oldie like me!

If you like your sunbathing less busy, walk towards the Marina and on the way there’s a coiple of nice guys who rent out loungers and parasol who will put them where ever you want.

Particular favourite restaurants a ling the Corniche:
LE NIL BLEU exceptionally friendly service and usually a little entertainment in the evenings
LEBANESE authentic food (no alcohol)
JOUR ET NUIT great for coffees, beers and people watching (there are two cafes of the same name, I prefer the old one, its been there forever).

Going the other way along the Corniche there are some new restaurants just past Club Med, had good meals at El Toro, O Playa and the French Brasserie. All about 200 dhs a meal including a beer or two.

Great for people watching, boats and daydreams, and you can book fishing trips or daytrips at the restaurant on the far side of the Marina.

Best restaurant in Agadir in my opinion is there
PURE PASSION Quite a smart restaurant but very relaxed, exquisite food well presented. A good deal is the lunchtime special offer which is 160 dhs for three courses from a special menu. Al a carte two courses with wine, maybe 250/300 dhs each.

We have been talking about going for about a year but haven’t made it yet.
Its just before the entrance to the Marina. Opens 16.00 hrs daily.

The site of the 1960s earthquake. Nothing but the wall left but well worth a trip up for the views alone. Beware of children carrying goats if you don’t want to pay them to have their photo! Remember to peak over the side (overlooking the fishing port) to see the little white mosquee which remained intact after the earthquake. If you are there in the afternoon too, you’ll be able to see in the port the many little blue boats which fish for sardines in the mornings.
The little orange taxis will take you there for 200 dhs which includes waiting time at the top of 15 minutes. (Its probably sensible to confirm the fee with the driver before you set off!)

Friday is the main religious day with the lunchtime prayer session sometimes broadcast over the speakers from the Charaf mosque. Non Muslims are not allowed inside.

If you are down near the Louban Mosquee on Friday lunchtime its interesting to sit at the cafe Rituel near the Central Market and have a drink and people watch at a respectful distance.

Likewise Friday is cous cous day, most of the cafes serve it, but I recommend it at Jour et Nuit on the Corniche. (There are two Jour et Nuit cafes, an old one and the other side of the car park a new one. The old one is preferable in my opinion.)

Haggling is the name of the game here, as a rule of thumb start at 1/3rd of their opening offer and generally settle around 2/3rds. If you go in the main Souk entrance there will be guides who want to accompany you and show you the “best” shops. They can be very persistant. Its all part of the experience, or if you prefer to go round alone, just ask the taxi driver to drop you at entrance 8 or 9 where the locals go in. Souk is closed Mondays.

CAFE COOL12 A few minutes walk from home, good value, pleasant people and great for traditional breakfasts or take a ways for late arrivals.  Closed Sundays.

MAIVA SPA if you fancy a bit of pampering.

HAMMAM Traditional Turkish baths and massages.  I hate them myself, but this might be of interest to you.


My favourite area of Agadir. The real Agadir where ordinary folk live and work. A network of streets housing small independent shops like the UK used to have when I was a child. See real life Morocco. Particularly vibrant in the evenings with cafes on every corner.

Theres a market, a cinema and next to that a open square where there are three very cheerful but cheap restaurants serving three small courses for 45 dhs or have one larger plate for the same sort of price. Soups, tagines and salads particularly good. The vegetable tagine at the middle café is my favourite as is the waiter who is boss eyed.
Just behind the supermarkets is the Artisan Centre. Shop where you can buy the goods, but up the steps you can actually walk around the workshops and see people hand painting the furniture and pots, making bags, embroidery etc.
At the junction of Avenue Fevrier 29 and Avenue Hassan II is the AgadirTennis Club. Have a game or take a super set lunch for 70 to 90 dhs or a large carte.  Go through entrance marked Cote Court.

NAJAH Theres a row of cafes 15 minutes walk away, where the Moroccans go to eat fish (there are other dishes available) we usually have a plate of mixed fish and a Moroccan salad to share which more than satisfies two people, with soft drinks less than 100 dhs.

Just on the roundabout after you leave Charaf heading towards town.
Best coffee, (try the Moroccan NosNos (half/half) hot chocolate and fresh juices.

Many waiters in the small cafes around the town only get tips, not a wage, so please be a little generous.

If you like biking or hiking theres an entrance to the countryside less than ten minutes walk from my house. Many pathways and trails on our doorstep. I’m happy to show you to the path.  Wear sensible shoes as its rough walking.

On the corner of Avenue de FAR and Ave President Kennedy is a little Museum (Exposition Memoire) showing photographs and articles from the Agadir earthquake in 1960. 20 dhs and very interesting. Theres a guide who is happy to give you more info in English or leave you to wander. Afterwards take a walk around the gardens which are the prettiest in Agadir.

If you continue along Avenue President Kennedy a few blocks, past Talborjt Mosquee on your left, at the next junction there is another lush park JARDIN IBN ZAIDOUN on the right, nice to find in the middle of town. This one has a childrens playground too.

Cheapest beers in town in the café outside UNIPRIX, which is the oldest shop in Agadir. Fixed price shop which sells absolutely everything. Irs s great place to check out prices before you start haggling in thd souk!

There are a few nice Italian type/pizza restaurants in that stretch, my favourite is Via Venetto. Mid range price.

Behind the Dome café is the MARCHE CENTRALE, downstairs is fruit veg and flowers upstairs is touristy stuff, leather makers etc.

Another landmark on Avenue Hassan II is LA FOUNTAINE, mainly famous for the fountain never being working…but it’s a nice pedestrianised stretch of cafes and bars.  A favourite of mine is lamp chops (sic) at Queens Cafe.

MUNICIPAL MUSEUM is there too, worth a wander around to see the old Moroccan artifacts. They often have art exhibitions there.


Polizzi’s Medina –  Closed Tuesday’s.  Orange taxis go here.  It’s 10 minutes south.
If you fancy a bus trip north (of get a Grande taxi) buses stop outside Wilaya Municipal Building on the corner of Bpd Mohammad V and Ave General Kettani.  Make sure you have small change as its only 7 to 15 dhs.
TAGHAZOUT Take a 32 or 33 bus or taxi to a surfers village. Walk down the crooked streets to the pretty bay.  

 Currently being developed so see it while you can.  Dar Josephine great place for lunch.

AOURIR bus 31, 32 or 33.  Also known as Banana Village, when you get there you’ll see why.  Bab Aourir has a pool you can use if you are lunching, as does Hotel Littoral.  Wednesday is the local souk.

TAMRI bus 33 more remote at 60 mms the ride takes in coastal and inland views.  Have lunch at the Hotel Imazighen which overlooks the oasis.  Stock up o  natural at fan oil products while you are there.

If you have a car there’s

PARADIS NOMAD, AZRARAG East of Agadir right in the Countryside is a lovely small hotel with tents for rental in pretty grounds.  If you book a day in advance you can take lunch and enjoy the pool for 150 dhs each.

In the winter months I recommend a trip to PARADISE VALLEY and IMMOUZZER waterfall and countryside walk.  Beware thees often No water in the summer months.  Wear trainers for the walk which is steep.
Our taxi driver also runs day trips and excursions, see listing in the apartment.

No personal experience of the following, but if you have kids…

Crocodile Park –

Water Park –

Go Karting –

Please note during Ramadan many local cafes etc are closed, as are shops selling alcohol.  Only place to buy wine or beer is Uniprix.  All restaurants etc at the beach are open, bear in mind taxis will be hard to find just before and after sunset.

Makes my day when someone takes time to comment. Thank you.

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