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When I was planning on moving to Morocco my fav niece asked me what sort of garden I wanted. I had no idea except I wanted a lemon tree. When I arrived late on the ‘first night of the rest of my life’ after I’d quit my job, sold my home, and given most of the contents away, the flight had been delayed four hours, there was a last minute panic about whether the cats were going to get put on the plane because of a cock up, and then the relief standing in passport control close to midnight watching them going around and around in the distance on the luggage carousel – there in my garden was a young lemon tree. My niece had sent over the money to a friend, who had bought and had it planted.

Here it is now, eight years later, a super healthy looking tree. Its only ever had one lemon, but hey, who cares! In the background you’ll also see the first blooms of a lovely pink climbing rose, which she also bought for me to remind me of home.


And now to my latest present, a gift this morning from my lovely French neighbours. A lily of the valley stem and root which was gift wrapped, a present for Labour Day, which I guess must be celebrated more in France than the UK. I hiked out an old overgrown plant, and popped it in a pot straight away.


I have several other plants that were ‘gifts’ in my garden, from the local hobo, who I guess watches people planting out a new garden, and thinks they won’t miss the odd tiny plant, and brings it to me as a present……but thats a story for another week!

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Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?



My project at the moment is to cover a rather ugly tall wall with climbers.  I have a passion flower


which I grew from seed bought when I last visited my best friend in Florida.

I have bouganvillia


And the ‘fleur rose’ (see last week’s entry) now identified as Podranea or Pink Trumpet Vine.


I also have a jasmine in there somewhere.

But there are a lot of bald pieces of wall, so I have been out there tottering on a ladder pulling, twirling, knotting string and generally knitting bits of plant around each other to try and persuade them into the gaps. 


Hopefully by next month, the string won’t show and I’ll be able to post a picture of a pretty wall!

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Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?